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Regan Cancer Treatment Expalined


President Ronald Regan Cancer treatment
"President Ronald Regan died at age 93, and not from cancer. " Reagan was the oldest man ever to seek the Presidency
German-American doctor in Philadelphia, Peter Busch, M.D., who discovered that fever can cure cancer. He found out by pure chance in 1868, 140 years ago!"

"Yet this effective non-drug cancer treatment" is just about impossible to get in the United States today." "One of Dr. Busch's patients was a 43-year-old woman with a severe case of sarcoma of the face. He observed that her cancer went away after she suffered a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit from a strep infection. It dawned on him that he might be onto a major discovery. And today German doctors have proved Dr. Busch right. They proved that a fever --whether caused by an illness or artificially induced --has a devastating effect on cancer. Yet few American doctors today even know about this remarkable treatment that causes no side effects! You have to go to Germany for this breakthrough therapy."

" When President Ronald Reagan got cancer during his presidency, the great German doctor, Hans Nieper, M.D, treated him. It would have been front page news but was hushed up. Just imagine if the American public knew a sitting president preferred German cancer treatments!"

President Regan did not get chemo as he still had his beautiful hair.

All you can do hydrate yourself and sit in the Sun and gain a high temperature slowly that will heal cancer. Why were you told sunshine causes Cancer.
Why did he choose Germany? Because German cancer doctors are the best in Cancer treatments --thanks to breakthrough treatments the American cancer establishment calls quackery.
No wonder President Reagan and many other celebrities such as Liz Taylor, Suzanne Somers, Anthony Quinn, and including European royalty chose Germany kinder, gentler treatments. Surprisingly, these treatments cost 10 cents on every hundred thousand dollars compared to USA treatments.


Q. What is an episodic course of symptoms?

Germany's top doctor said, Doctors give chemo, and patients die That describes USA cancer treatments. German doctors use a whole new way with NO hair loss, nausea, and surgeries. The method that is called fever therapy.
Your body has that built in. When you get a infection your body tries to get rid of it by raising the temperature. Any infection in the world can be finished if you heat the germ. So please do not take Tylenol when you get a fever go sit in the hot sun or roll up in a hot bed. Let the fever break and all the bugs including cancer will be gone.
I do not think you need health insurance for this. Help cidpusa spread the word.

Hyperthermia (Thermotherapy) Methods

The oldest Schlenz bath method, has been around in Europe for a century. Before hyperthermia caught on for cancer, it had been used for a variety of illnesses. It involves being immersed in water with only the mouth and nose protruding for breath. The water temperature is around 102. After a half hour, the body temperature begins to match the water temperature. This technique is monitored to ensure pulse rates don't exceed 140.
This is as simple as sitting is a hot car for 15 minutes a day. Keep your self well hydrated and park the car in the Sun.