Burning feet

by: Dr Imran Khan |JUNE 29, 2020

Foot Disorders


burning feet
  • Dampness, together with friction, leads to the sensation of burning, so its important to
  •  buy shoes that let perspiration evaporate. 
  • Wear shoes on alternate days , so they get a chance to dry up.
  • Inappropriate socks. Wear socks made of cotton rather than synthetic fabrics.
  • Athletes foot can sometimes spread to cause burning sensation on the sole of the foot. 
  • Please see our diet section for complete diet guide to avoid disease..
  • Allergic reaction to shoe material or socks.
  • Alcohol is also contributing factor. Long term use can affect the nervous activity of the feet.
  • Diabetes causes a polyneuropathysee our home page for more information.
  • Smoking causes inflammation, see our home page to stop inflammation.
  • Neuroma. A trapped nerve can lead to a hot burning sensation. (Tight shoes)
  • Gout can cause a burning sensation on the side of the foot,
  •  Treatment is by reducing inflammation see diet section.


  • Buy shoes and socks that have adequate ventilation.
  • If you are suffering from athletes foot then treat this condition.
  • Reduce alcohol and smoking consumption.
  • Herbal products that increase the circulation may help.
  • Do not leave ice packs on your feet. This can lead to other foot conditions.
  • In mechanical cases such as tarsal tunnel syndrome, conservative treatment with arch supports and wider shoes may successfully relieve discomfort.

    If burning feet is due to flat feet, orthotics may help restore the foot's arch.

    Since polished rice was introduced then south east Asian countries saw a increase in heart disease and neuropathy. The cause was determined to be the absence of the nutritional absent husk around the rice which contained niacin.

    Many diseases can trigger burning feet sensation among them the autoimmune diseases of polyneuropathy or diabetic polyneuropathy these days referred to as CIDP, small fiber neuropathy or inflammatory neuropathy. The use of multiple terms causes confusion but the treatment is the same


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