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Small fiber neuropathy caused by Celicac disease

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Burning feet is the sensation that you are  feeling like painfully hot which can be  can be mild or severe. The burning feet pain may be so painful that the pain keeps you awake as you try to sleep. In neuropathy or CIDP, burning feet can be accompanied by a pins and needles sensation or numbness. This can be caused by Vitamin deficiency or secondary to Celiac disease. So please see the Vitamin page and take the recommended Vitamin.

Celiac disease & Burning Feet Syndrome

Gluten Sensitivity Neuropathy (Celiac Disease)
This is a proposed autoimmune disorder induced by celiac disease Gluten(from Latingluten"glue") is a protein composite that appears in foods processed fromwheat and related species, including barley rye. Wheat, barley, and rye arecomposed of gluten that may induce an antibody reaction in susceptible individuals


These antibodies are thought to be directed against Purkinje cells and other nervous system tissue
leading to a variety of disorders including cerebellar ataxia, neuropathy, and myoclonus as well as burning feet.


. These included ataxia (difficulty walking)

Peripheral neuropathy  (burning pain and numbness)

Myopathy (weakness of hips , shoulders and foot muscles)

Ataxia with myoclonus (Jerking in legs with difficult in keeping balance)

Myelopathy (weakness of both legs),

 Dementia (Memory disorder, brain fog)

The same author has reportedup to 40% of patients with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy have anti-gliadin antibodies(Hadjivassiliou, 2002). These are antibodies found in Celiac disease patients. So all you have to do is to go on a celiac diet, which is to avoid Gluten found in wheat, millet, rye.
If you are a man with celiac disease you will have some penile numbness and weakness with burning feet. In a woman with burning feet she will have dryness of the vagina. In these cases Vitamin B-12 under the tounge helps taken daily. These people do not absorb vitamins they also need vitamin-D 5000 units daily.

For detailed info on Celiac see this page.

Small fiber neuropathy also causes burning feet sensations and this is caused by autoimmune inflammatory disease the condition is reversible with treatment please see the small fiber neuropathy page.

If you have a difficult time getting a diagnosis then asimple test can show your problem and is done within five minutes.

Symptoms are pain, burning, numbness, and autonomic dysfunction (lack of sweating) in the hands and feet in a stocking-glove distribution. Sweating may increase in other areas. Strength is not affected but everyone feels fatigue. Tendon reflexes are normal, as are nerve conduction studies.

Large nerve fibers are heavily myelinated and include A-alpha fibers, which mediate motor strength, and A-beta fibers, which mediate vibratory and touch sensation.
  • Medium-sized fibers, known as A-gamma fibers, are also myelinated and carry information to muscle spindles.
  • Small fibers include myelinated A-delta fibers and unmyelinated C fibers, which innervate skin (somatic fibers) and involuntary muscles, including cardiac and smooth muscles (autonomic fibers). Together, they mediate pain, thermal sensation, and autonomic function. IVIG

    In every child the Gluten diet should be tried and replacement of vitamin B12, D and C. These should come from natural sources.

    Potatoes are a excellent diet along with sweet potatoes and brown rice for details see the diet chapter.

    Electromagnetic stimulation devices are very helpful used at home please see this section for details. More information is provided in the research section below for the specific device.

    Remove chemically colored foods , chips , snacks from their diet.

    Remove the constant electromotive forces around the child.

    Please see detailed info on burning feet on this page

    There is a detailed scientific discussion on diagnosis , treatment and causes of burning feet here