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The breasts is a focus of physical feminine beauty. Aside for the breasts to be healthy, women desire to make their breasts beautiful firm & shapely. Many women in the world do not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars going through breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery or other cosmetic procedure available just to get their breasts molded into the shape and size that they want.

To be in possession of a pair of healthy and lovely breasts, a woman does not always have to turn to surgery to attain this. Massaging a woman's breasts is a practice that has been done for centuries in India and the Orient. Such a practice is documented in the Ayurveda, a medical system that originated in India and has been around for ages.

Breast massage is tricky as breast tissues is delicate. However, if done properly & exerting  moderate pressure, massaging the breasts are perfectly safe. Not only does massaging the breasts make them firmer, it also makes them healthier and aids in maintaining the balance of hormones in a woman's body. The procedure is also quite simple.

A woman can massage her own breasts, but she can also have someone else do it for her. Naturally, this procedure requires baring the breasts and so it must be done in a private place. The woman can perform the massage lying or sitting down, whichever is more comfortable for her.

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