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Autoimmune disorders are diseases originated by the human body making an unsuitable immune reaction against its personal tissues. The inflammation and damage of cells and tissues by its own antibodies leads autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune disorders drop into two common types -- systemic autoimmune diseases and localized diseases.

In a few forms of autoimmune disease, a bacteria or virus generates an immune reaction, and the T-cells or antibodies hits normal cells as they have few fraction of their configuration that bear a resemblance to a part of the arrangement of the contaminating microorganism.

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Welcome to the pathology page of CIDPUSA 


 Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases is simple. These diseases present with complaints of fatigue, tiredness, weakness, pain, stress, anger which often comes in cycles (remits and relapses) or (waxes and wanes). If your disease comes in cycles which are days, weeks, months apart then you have a autoimmune disease process.  The autoimmune diseases are associated  with a  elevated SED rate or ESR. (Sed Rate is a simple blood test which measures inflammation). C-reactive protein (CRP) is blood test used to measure inflammation & IS elevated in autoimmune diseases.

 Fibromyalgia patients present with pain only on the left side of the body and in a similar way early Parkinson will only affect the left side of the body. All diseases are immune mediated.

The human body is the most sensitive machine in the world. You can sense almost anything.

All the inflammatory autoimmune diseases are triggered by proteins covering bacteria, virus or foods.

One has to act like a detective and sniff out the offender and if you do not want to go through the process you can read the flame within e-book form cidpusa.org.

 CIDP, patients present with a history of weakness, numbness, pain and difficulty in walking. Some patients may have a sudden onset of back pain or neck pain radiating down the extremities. This pain is usually diagnosed as radicular pain (radiating pain or going down). The symptoms of CIDP are usually progressive and may come and go. The patients have difficulty climbing stairs and use their hands to pull themselves upstairs (Diagnostic).

On examination the patients may have weakness in hips and shoulders, loss of  deep tendon reflexes (rarely increased or normal). There may be atrophy (shrinkage) of muscles, fasciculation's (twitching) and loss of sensation in the feet and hands.

Some patients present with  ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease ) like clinical picture. Who have MMF (Multi-Focal Motor neuropathy. As these patients have no sensory loss, but just weakness. These conditions are fully reversible.

The patients may present with a single cranial nerve or peripheral nerve dysfunction. For example, double vision, loss of hearing, ringing in the ear, face dropping on one side, hoarseness, facial pain. They can have weak hand grip, numbness in the hands or feet. Pain in the neck or back .

They may present with abdominal pains, fainting spells while standing up. Burning pain in extremities.


Not all the patients will have lab abnormalities. In many the EMG/NCV findings will not show that they have CIDP yet they will still have the disease.



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