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Today all forms of arthritis are treatable, they are all caused by autoimmune process. Learn to turn off inflammation at the source.

Arthritis may present as a symptom of many autoimmune disorders and often an etiological explanation cannot be identified. There is growing evidence that autoimmune mechanisms  have a role in most patients. This includes numerous reports of the detection of theoretically relevant serum autoantibodies, experimental data showing that antibodies can trigger arthritis, and a response of many arthritis syndromes to immunomodulation by changing their diet.  The first step is to start a Gluten free diet please see our Celiac section. Then is to get a diet that reduces inflammation. Read about this in our diet page.

A good food that improves arthritis without medication is Cherries and you can also take Turmeric.

The evidence for immunological mechanisms in arthritis can be examined within the following three main areas: the childhood arthritis syndromes, and old age arthritis.

Today ostearthritis, rheumatic arthritis, strep arthritis and most others are all treatable. Here is a listing of autoimmune mediated arthritis.

Read about the trigger that causes arthritis

Read how to reduce a autoimmune disease.

Massage the joint with Olive oil daily this will get rid of the arthritis. Our writer did this and all the arthritis has completely resolved it took about 6 months of self daily massage of finger and hand joints.

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