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7. Smoke or secondhand smoke

Problem: Can't quit, or surrounded by it.
Solution: This is a biggy. Find help to quit and avoid smoke filled areas. If possible get your workplace to participate in a healthier environment - most employers will want to. Make a rule at your house -NO smoking.

8. Processed foods

Problem: Stripped from processed foods, vitamins and nutrients are essential to keeping your resistance high to diseases.
Solution: Get back to basics, include foods in your diet that aren't processed as much as possible. Avoid prepared packaged meals and eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruit.

9. Air pollution

Problem: Poor air quality from polluted air, in and out of the house. Know what your furniture is made of or protected with. Some adhesives and protection solvents emit toxins over months in your house.
Solution: Use hepa filter air cleaners, avoid your own pollution contributions -- gas powered tools. Take your bike or walk when ever possible

10. Artificial foods

Problem: Saccharin and food coloring are unnatural substances for your body.
Solution: Avoid foods with these ingredients. Find the real thing, that doesn't use substitutes, or cut it out of your diet.

Problem: Over-exposure or repetitive prolonged sun is extremely toxic to your skin.
Solution: Cover up with sun blocking cream, and find shade.

12. Home cleansers

Problem: Many cleansers include toxins you inhale during use. Have you ever felt sick after cleaning floors, bathrooms, your garage and/or any other household cleansing chores?
Solution: Use vinegar, lemon, or baking soda to clean and avoid chlorine.

Good health can be as simple as removing toxins from your daily routines. Your benefits will increase with the amount of effort you put into the change in your lifestyle.

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We have practiced this theory and the first patient fully recovered and tested Aids positive after a autoimmune treatment. The core of this treatment was by electrical stimulation please read the details in our electronic section. return to first ageing page