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Sjogrens is completely treatable with vitamin and antibiotics please read our e-book please see link on the left column. 


INTRODUCTION — Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is a multisystem disorder that presents with dryness of the mouth and eyes and loss of taste. It is a autoimmune condition and fully treatable. It can be seen with dry eyes, dry vagina, hearing disorder to to dryness in the ear. Loss or alteration of taste.

GENERAL PRINCIPLES — Therapy can be grouped into at least three separate aspects: a) topical therapy of dry eyes and dry mouth;

b) treatment of systemic manifestations of SS and recognition of therapies for other conditions that can exacerbate dryness complaints; and

c) treatment of fatigue, vague cognitive, and pain syndromes that resemble the poorly defined syndrome termed "fibromyalgia." Therapy depends upon the severity of symptoms, which may vary from none to severe, associated with secondary pathology and, often, considerable morbidity.

Dry Tounge

Most patients with SS only require local treatment for sicca symptoms.

Adequate explanation of the condition, including use of patient information leaflets and information available on the internet, will help in empowering patients to participate in their own care.

Avoidance of low humidity atmospheres such as air conditioned stores, centrally heated houses, airplanes, windy locations, and irritants such as dust and cigarette smoke.

A painful mouth is different than a dry mouth, as the former may represent the development of oral candidiasis.

Irritated eyes that persist despite frequent use of tears may represent a process such as blepharitis rather than simple aqueous tear deficiency.

Good oral hygiene including tooth brushing and dental flossing following meals and regularly scheduled dental prophylaxis with application of topical fluorides.

Use of topical moisturizers and lozenges, and recognition that sugar-free lozenges contain significantly less sugar than "low sugar" mints.

Instruction about particular precautions at the time of surgery to minimize the side effects of xerostomia/xerothalmia and prevent side effects of medications that may have anti-cholinergic side effects.

The best treatment for Sjogrens is to take Vitamin B-12 drops under tongue daily if you do not have these then get a B-12 tablet and chew this daily in your mouth. All symptoms will go and start the Gluten free diet. See the Celiac  section and read the diet page.


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