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"I had the toe condition that you see on TV in which the nail dries and seems to die and becomes unattached to the nail bed. The prescription medicine has side effects of harming the liver so I looked for something non-toxic. I read about Tea Tree Oil and ordered some from a well know mail order vitimen supplier. I used a cotton swab and worked the oil under the nail and coated the entire outer nail. Within two weeks the decay had stopped and I could see the nail bed attached to the new growth. I'll continue until the nail completely is replaced and that should take about 8 months (my nails grow slowly) This stuff is great!"

1/1/2007: Anonymous writes, "I am trying Vics Vapor Rub and 100% Tea Tree oil, I do believe the fungus is on its way out as the fungus under the nail is turning Black. What I do is apply the tea tree oil first rub it in and try and get it down the back of the nail, then I rub a good amount of vics vapor rub all over the nail bed. I also filled my infected toe nail in both directions Across and down, allowing the mixture to absorb in quicker I only file once a week so not to make my nail sore. I apply this twice per day once in the Morning and again before bed time. I cover my toe nail up with a cotton wool cosmetic pad and surgical tape to keep it in place while I am sleeping."

7/17/2006:  I thought it was an in-grown nail. A whole summer I sat out in the sunlight picking at it with a file and tweezers and finally saw a podiatrist. I noticed the problem worsening in my other toes, and more recently has started to grow in my fingers.

 therapy with tea tree oil. I started the treatment on my fingers only and noticed immediately that the discomfort had disappeared. The next day the dead skin was peeling off to reveal my fresh healthy skin underneath. I am on day 4 now and my fingers and nails are starting to look and feel like MINE again! When they are back to normal I'll start the real test on my big toe, on which the nail is almost gone!

Managed to get rid of a fungal nail infection on one toe completely using Jason Tea Tree Oil from Australia ($9.95/bottle). I used it 3 times a day and now the nail is completely fixed. I had the fungal infection on this nail for about 5-6 years. I have two other nails that are infected but it is proving to be more difficult to get rid of. I would definitely give the tea tree oil a try. I am now going to try Vicks vapour rub on the other nails."


The question of whether Vick's Vapo-Rub works on toenail fungus was the subject of a University of Michigan study about a decade ago. Their conclusion was positive; they isolated the specific ingredients that worked, and received U.S. Patent 6,361,785 (look it up to see the results of the research).

Also note that 90% of toenail fungus is caused by four dermatophytes that are the same culprits in athlete's foot and jock itch. (Therefore, to prevent re-infection, one must get the fungi everywhere- nails, feet, & crotch. Also change towels regularly, and don't dry your feet first, then transfer the fungus to another place.)

The formula (based on the research study, (which I've adapted for a more natural cure) is: 1 part Menthol oil
1 part Thymol oil
1 part Camphor oil
1 part Lemon Eucalyptus oil
2 part Tea Tree Oil
5 parts DMSO
5 parts Aloe Vera
12 parts Cocunut oil
 (the oils can be bought on e-bay, DMSO in a health store)

Apply twice a day to nails and feet. I've suffered from this vexing problem for 40 years, as did my mother and grandmother. It works.

Part One: Feet

Q. Do the ingredients (camphor, eucalyptus, thymol, menthol) work?

A. I've applied the solution on my nails as well as to my entire foot to get rid of all the fungus that might eventually cause a reoccurrence. The results were obvious after 4-5 days: first, the athlete's foot symptoms between my toes rapidly got better and were healed in about a week. Then, at the seven-day point lots of skin started sloughing off all over my feet where the fungus was obviously in hiding -- including the heal callus. I was surprised to see so much sloughing of the skin around the base, sides and top of the toe nails -- this area apparently had been deeply affected by the fungus, but just looked like tough skin that I had become accustomed to expect. Within 2-3 weeks the unaffected new toe nails could be seen at the cuticle. Now, several months later, there is a clear line of demarcation between the old fungal nail, and the new clear nail. I expect that it will be 3-4 more months before all the old nail has grown out and gone.

Q. Is the formulation the right one?

A. After much research and playing kitchen chemist, I learned that coconut oil is a good anti-fungal as well as a great emollient. DMSO doesn't need to be at 25% concentration. 10-15% is sufficient. Oregano Oil is composed of Thymol and University of Western Australia research proved tea tree oil's anti-fungal capability, so I added it as well. The essential oil amounts are at least or a little more than what bio-chemists call the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC). The formulation I like and use now is:

There is probably a synergistic (i.e. harmonious working together) effect of anti-fungal herbs, which has been demonstrated in several studies. In one test of ten plant species whose oils were anti-fungal, researchers noted that "combinations of the anti-fungal essential oils increased their activity remarkably." In a similar study, researchers stated that "in all the oil combinations, the anti-fungal potency was found to increase over individual oils."

Prescription: LAMASIL (Terbinafine) 250 mg

I used Terbinafine after everything I had tried failed. I had to use it daily for three months. In the end all fungus went away and new nails came out and have been growing well for two years . TERBINAFINE (LAMASIL) is the BEST REMEDY!
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