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How can autoimmune diseases be treated? We present the Nanotech Protocol that is being used at our facility to reverse autoimmune disorders.


Autoimmune diseases occur due to foreign proteins that we get either from exposure to the surface proteins of foreign bacteria or similar chemical exposures.

Examples of exposure can be carpet shampoo which triggers Kawasacki diseases , pesticides which trigger Parkinson, CIDP or bacteria like H-pylori which can trigger Alzheimer's.

Please see our E-Book for complete guidelines of all the chemicals which cause diseases.

The diet guidelines in our E-Book are followed.

These herbs are described in our second edition e-book.

We have discovered herbal and electronic treatment of hypertension.

We have modified available electrical pulse units for our specific treatments.

We have records of all the patients who have been helped. Published studies are available in Pub Med written by Sandak.

CES treatments are used extensively in Psychiatry.

 Nanotech has a e-Book  on Quranic  shifa.

 2 First we will attempt to remove the chemical or bacterial invaders through dietary, chelating , electronic zapping , magnetic stimulation and Silver ions and   maybe antibiotic combination.

3 Then we will place the individual on a special anti-Inflammatory diet so the immune cells stay calm and do not show a excessive response to the foreign proteins. Will be given the electronics to be used at home a electronic germ killing unit is Rs 5000 and the best cancer killing unit is Rs 15,000. We also have hepatitis -C killers as well as units for AIDS.

Cranial stimulator units for instant improvement in IQ, learning, behavior, addiction, anxiety, depression

4 Herbal treatments are started to reduce inflammation to control specific autoimmune responses.

5 Most patients are cured by the above steps, There will be a reduction in the use of antihypertensive medication, ant-diabetic medication, stoppage of anti-arthritis medication. Stoppage of anti - lipid medication.

7 If some of the diseases has not responded to the above methods then we will use the Nano pulser treatment. These treatments will bring the immune functions back to normal. Children stop have infections, gastrointestinal symptoms are resolved. Muscle aches and pains are cleared.

8 To supplement the Naono Pulser, we will use Direct Cranial Stimulation to help diseases like Alzheimers, Epilepsy, Parkinsons, strokes, retinal disorders with visual loss .

9 In cases of neuropsychiatry disorders we will use cranial stimulation to relax the brain and put an end to anxiety, stress and tension. These treatments may have to be repeated. They come without any side effects which is unlike the pharmaceutical treatments.  

10 Combination of the pulser treatments with our antibiotic and dietary protocols will resolve almost 90% of medical disorders.

 11 We combine the treatments of Quranic Shifa when all else fails. Allah will provide shifa to all patients who follow the right path, which means they only eat the recommended foods, avoid pork and blood. Treat others fairly do not take the property of others and pray regularly. Those people who do not follow Gods guidelines  may not get Shifa (healing) from all the medications that are available.