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IVIg page from CIDPUSA where key facts of IVIg are descriIVIg page from CIDPUSA where key facts of IVIg are described, we provide you with the most comprehensive coverage about IVIg through our main page.

What is IVIG (Intra Venous Immune Globulin) 20 Facts

1.Immune Globulin?

8. Where is the  IVIG treatment given?

IVIg can be given at home, in a doctors clinic or a hospital outpatient unit. Some patients have even taken this at work.

9. What is the frequency of the IVIG treatment given?

Usually a dose ofIVIg is 2 grams per kilogram is divided into five doses and 400mg/kg is infused daily for 5 days. (For the first time only) Some patient can tolerate consecutive days of IVIg. It is recommended that young women take this on alternate days.

10. What are the  differences in brands of IVIG?

Generally the difference is in IVIg is the amount of IgA content and also if the IVIg contains sucrose, glucose or some other sugar. Some IVIg products have Glycine while another one has no preservatives.

Different IVIg products match different patients. In general all the products work about the same.

11. What is a recall OF IVIG? 

A recall of IVIg happens when someone reports defects in IVIg, side effects of a particular batch. Then the FDA may issue a warning or a recall of IVIg. This may also depend on contamination of IVIg .

12. Where can I find out about recalls of IVIG?

The FDA in the US maintains a current list of blood-product recalls on its site. This is because its members use so many different types of blood products, and generally store them in quantity. Look under Biologics and then recalls near the middle of page.

13. Who is a good provider for IVIG?

There are many nationwide providers of IVIG. . Some provide customized service for the patient.  They select the correct IVIG for the patient. They manage side effects . Their nurses are well trained. They will also work with you on CO-PAYS and disease management.

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14. What is the recommended dose of IVIg as compared to age?

Children can tolerate a higher dose of IVIg and the whole 3g/kg dose of IVIg has been given without side effects as a single infusion. Young adults up to 25 years of age can tolerate  1g/kg as a single infusion. Up to age 50 only 400mg /kg is recommended in one day .

When dealing with above 70 year old patients we recommend not to  infuse more then 400mg/kg in one week.

15. What is the right IVIG product for me?

Patients  need to understand the differences among the IVIg products, and many factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding which IVIG product should be prescribed. Some examples of the factors include:
  • Patients with congestive heart failure or compromised renal function may fare better if they receive a IVIg  product with a low osmolality and low volume;
  • Patients who are diabetic should receive a IVIg product containing no sugars;
  •  Patients receiving IVIg with sucrose may be at a higher risk for renal failure; (Need adjustment of concentration). Also patients who have Myositis and high myoglobin levels are at higher risk of developing renal failure while on IVIg infusion.
  • Patients with immunoglobulin A (IgA) deficiencies should only receive products with the lowest amount of IgA or they could have anaphylactic reactions;
  • Patients with small peripheral vascular access or a tendency toward phlebitis may want to avoid IVIg preparations with a low pH.

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Please discuss the above information  about IVIg with your doctor and providers. The above  IVIg recommendations are based on information available in research literature

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 IVIG is used in neurology .IVIG is used for alzheimers. IVIg is used for asthma. IVIg is used for pemphigus. IVIg is used to treat vasculitis. IVIg is used in arthritis. IVIg is used for polyneuropathy. IVIg is used to treat renal disease. IVIg is used for gastrointestinal problems. IVIg can be used for almost 101 diseases. In immune deficiency IVIG is used to make the immune system stronger. So IVIg is used in cancer, IVIg can treat thrombocytopenia. IVIg is used in Kawasaki disease.

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