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Hizb AL -Bahr

Prayer of the Sea


34.Wa m-sakhhum ala makanatihum fala yastati'unal mudiya wa lal majia ilayna.
Freeze them in their places so that they are unable to go or come against us.

35.Wa lau nasha'u la tamasna ala a'yunihim fastabaqu sirata fa 'inna yubsiruna.
If We willed We would have wiped out their eyes, then they would have raced to the Way, but how would they see?" (Quran 36:66).

36.Wa lau nasha'u la masakhnahum ala makanatihim fa ma stata'u mudiyan wa la yarji'una.
If We willed We would have frozen them in their places, neither could they go forth or return." (Quran 36:67)

Yaa Siin!
(Quran 36:01;These are mystic words, and entirely beyond the reach of vocabularies).

38.Wal Qurani l-Hakim.
By the Wisdom Reading" (Quran 36:02).

39.'Innaka lamina l-mursalin.
"Truly you are from the Messengers" (Quran 36:03).

40.ala Sirati m-Mustaqim
"On a Straight Way" (Quran 36:04).

41.Tanzila laziz ir-Rahim
"Sent down by the All Mighty, the Mercy Bestowing" (Quran 36:05).

42.Li tunzira qauman ma unzhira aba'uhum fahum ghafilun.
So that you may warn a people whose forefathers were never warned and sot they are heedless" (Quran 36:06).

43.La qad haqqal qawlu ala aktharihim fahum la yu'minun.
"The Word has been proved True by most of them yet they will not believe" (Quran 36:07).
(The Word = Divine Revelation in general and Quran in particular.)

44.Inna jaalna fi aghnaqihim aghlalan fahiya ilal adhqani fahum muqmahun.
"Behold! We have placed fetters around their necks reaching to their chins so their heads are forced up" (Quran 36:08).

45.Wa jaalna min bayni aydihim saddan wa min khalfihim saddan fa aghshaynahum fahum la yubsirun.
And We placed before them a barrier and behind them a barrier and We shrouded them so that they do not see"(Quran 36:09).

46.Shahatil Wujuhu, Shahatil Wujuhu, Shahatil Wujuhu.
Defaced" (Quran 20: 111) (x3).

47.Wa anatil wujuhu lilhayyi l-qayyumi wa qad khaba man hamala zulma.
Faces shall be humbled before The Living, The Self-Subsistent; frustrated is he who carries oppression" (Quran 20: 111)

48.Ta Sien Ha Miem ayien Sien Qaaf
(These are mystic words, and entirely beyond the reach of vocabularies)(Hold the aa and the ie for six counts. Hold the a for two counts.)

49.Marajal bahrayni yaltaqiyani baynhuma barzakhun la yabghiyani.
He let forth the two seas that come together; between them is a barrier they do not pass" (Quran 55:19-20).

50.Ha Miem, Ha Miem, Ha Miem, Ha Miem, Ha Miem, Ha Miem, Ha Miem Say Ha Miem six times pointing to the right and forward, upwards and downwards, left and behind, saying internally: "By Allah all evil and catastrophe coming from these six directions is erased. By the Baraka of these letters, good comes from the six directions." Say Ha Miem the seventh time breathing into your upraised hands and then pass them across your face. At the same time imagine Ha Miem written in light within and across your breast from right to left.]

51.Hummal amru wa jaa n-nasru faalayna la yunsarun.
The matter is decreed, Victory came, against us they shall not be victorious.

52.Ha Miem.Tanzilul Kitabi mina-llahi l-Azizil-alim.
Ha Miem (These are mystic words, and entirely beyond the reach of vocabularies). The Book came down from Allah, The All Mighty, The All Knowing" (Quran 40:1-2).

53.Ghafiri dh-dhanbi wa qabili t-tawbi shadidil 'iqabi dhi t-tawli.
Pardoner of sin, Accepter of penitence, Terrible in retribution, The Bountiful" (Quran 40:3).

54.La ilaha illa Huwa, ilayhil Masir.
"No deity except Him, to Him, is the Homecoming" ( Quran40:3).

55.Bismi-llahi babuna.
"In the Name of Allah" is our door.

56.Tabaraka hitanuna,
Chapter 67 of the Quran" is our walls.

57.Ya Sien saqfuna.
Chapter 36 of the Quran"is our roof.

58.Kaaf Ha Ya ayien Saad Kifayatuna.
Kaaf Ha Ya ayien Saad" (Quran: 19.01) is our sufficiency.

59.Ha Miem ayien Sien Qaaf Himayatuna.
Ha Miem ayien Sien Qaaf" is our protection.

60.Fasayakfikahumu-llahi wa huwa s-sami'ul alim (3x).
And Allah will suffice you against them and He is the All Hearing, the All Knowing" (Quran 2:137).

61.Sitrul arshi masbulun alayna.
The veil of the Throne is extended over us.

62.Wa aynu-llahi naziratu ilayna.
The Eye of Allah beholds us.

63.Bi hawli-llahi la yuqdaru alayna.
By the Power of Allah none may decree evil upon us.

64.Wa-llahu min wara'ihim muhitin.
"And Allah, all unseen, has surrounded them" (Quran 85:20).

65.Bal huwa Quranun Majidun, fi Lawhin mahfuzin.
Truly it is a Glorious Reading, in a preserved Tablet" (Quran 85:21-2).

66.Fa-llahu khayrun hafizan wa huwa arhamu r-rahimin (3x).
"And Allah is the Best Protector and He is the Most Merciful Bestower of Mercy" (Quran 12:92).

67.Inna waliyya-llahu l-ladhi nazzala l-kitaba, wa huwa yatawalla s-salihin (3x).
"Truly my Protector is Allah who sent down The Book and He protects the Righteous" (Quran 7:196)

68.Hasbiya-llahu la ilaha illa huwa, alayhi tawakkaltu, wa huwa rabbu l-arshi l-azim (3x).
Sufficient for me is Allah, there is no deity other than He, on Him I place my trust, He is the Lord of the Glorious Throne" ( Quran 9:129).

69.Bismi-llahi l-ladhi la yadurru maa s-smmhi shayyun fi l-ardi wa la fi s-sama'I wa Huwa s-Sami'u l-alim (3x).
"In the Name of Allah with whose Name no harm shall come to anything on the earth or in the skies and He is All Hearing and All Knowing" (Hadith).

70.A'udhu bikalimati-llahi t-tamati min sharri ma khalaqa (3x).
"I take refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from the evil of what He created" (Hadith).

71.Wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa bi-llahi l-aliyyu l-azim.
"And there is no Power and no Might except with Allah, The Exalted, The Glorious" (Hadith).nt

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