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Athlete sudden death

Prevent Athlete death 4/18/ 2020

This is a topic that has interested me for some time. Why do young and fit athletes in training suddenly keel over and, usually, die before help can arrive? Recently there have been high profile ones: 1. Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed during a game, but survived 2. Italian football player Piermario Morosini collapsed on the pitch (did not survive) during a Serie B game for Livorno last month 2. And today a story (link blow) on Alexander Dale Oen, a world champion swimmer who was one of Norway's top medal hopes for the London Olympics, died from cardiac arrest after collapsing in his bathroom during a training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was 26.

I can't help but wonder if this rise in young deaths from apparent heart problems can be linked to the last 50 years of high carb, low fat diet, for everyone, not just athletes. Is it harming development in an unseen way so that when the heart is placed under stressconverted-space" .

Recently a 12 year old in my hometown collapsed and died while running bases at a baseball practice. I don't think it is likely that he was doing drugs or taking steroids nor following any sort of high carb, low fat diet. They found the cause of death to be an enlarged heart.

The answer is simple please take Omega-3 and stay healthy.

I think I can add a little first hand insight here, as I'm one of the people who *was* in the group for young athletes suddenly dropping dead. You're going to see slightly higher incidents of electrical etiology in cardiac events in that age range (15-35). Why? We're the ones getting our heart rates way up there, Joe the Jogger and Cory the Couch Potato probably don't break a heart rate of 160 bpm unless they are straining to take a dump. So here is my example (29 years old): Last year while on a training run, at night, solo, without a cell phone (doh). I was doing a high tempo run with my heart rate around 200 bpm; about a mile in my chest got extremely tight, I got light headed, pin point vision, sky high heart rate (estimated at 280 bpm), couldn't catch my breath, etc. etc

I dropped to the ground and laid there dripping sweat forcing myself to take deep breathes. Since I'm not the smartest guy around, I decided to crawl/walk home back the 1 mile. It took about 40 mins to get home, during that time my extremities started to tingle and go cold.  

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