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Vitamin D information

Patients with the lowest blood levels of vitamin D are four times more likely to die during the next eight years than those with the highest levels. The link with heart-related deaths is particularly strong in those with low vitamin D levels.

Summer Sun Benefits for Health

- Vitamin D helps lower blood preassure see the link high blood pressure and vitamin-D deficiency.

Low sexual activity and poor physical performance are linked to vitamin-D deficiency.

The results shouldn't be seen as a reason to start popping vitamin D pills or to spend hours in the sun, which is the main source for vitamin D. Increase your diet in eggs and milk which are high in Vitamin-D.

For one thing, megadoses of vitamin D pills can help avoid the dangerous diseases and reduce risks of heart disease. Vitamin D is made easily from  exposure to  sunshine is well-known.

Vitamin D should help prevent illness from all viruses, prevent all autoimmune diseases incuding myasthenia and Pemphigus.

The study led by Austrian researchers involved 3,258 men and women in southwest Germany. Participants were aged 62 on average, most with heart disease, whose vitamin D levels were checked in weekly blood tests. During roughly eight years of follow-up, 737 died, including 463 from heart-related problems.

According to one of the vitamin tests they used, there were 307 deaths in patients with the lowest levels, versus 103 deaths in those with the highest levels. Counting age, physical activity and other factors, the researchers calculated that deaths from all causes were about twice as common in patients in the lowest-level group.

The study's lead author, said low levels of vitamin D are harmful "but the evidence is just becoming overwhelming at this point."

Scientists used to think that the only role of vitamin D was to prevent rickets and strengthen bones.

Exactly how low vitamin D levels might contribute to heart problems and deaths from other illnesses is uncertain, although it is has been shown to help regulate the body's disease-fighting immune system, he said.

Earlier this month, the same journal included research led by Harvard scientists linking low vitamin D levels with heart attacks. And previous research has linked low vitamin D with high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, which all can contribute to heart disease.

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