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Most alcoholics though they have dilated cardiomyopathy and wernicke’s encephalopathy, do not have IHD and Parkinson’s Disease. Cardiolipins are by-products of the alcohol metabolism and alcoholics benefit from this protective qualities of cardiolipin.

Future Role of Cardiolipin

In the recent future, Cardiolipin will be used to treat Ischemic heart disease, there is a analogue already produced, but it has not been tried in Human subjects. It will be used in conjunction with CQ-10 and Ubiquinine to treat nuerological degenerative disease including Parkinsons and IHD.

is dissociated upon oxidation of cardiolipin and is believed to be released out of mitochondria either by mitochondrial permeability transition resulting in mitochondrial swelling and rupture of the outer membrane, or by channels formed by oligomerization of Bax. In the cytoplasm, cytochromecactivates caspase-9 and promotes apoptosis.

Has this idea been thought of before in Medicine?

No, not as a treatment option. People normally focus on the HDL cholestrol and associate it to the benefit it has on the heart. Cardiolipin is the component in HDL which is responsible for this beneficial role. Giving Cardio-lipin directly will have more beneficial than trying to increase the HDL level. There needs to be further studies that need to be done on the effect of gastric enzymes on Cardio-lipin analogue when take orally and its further metablism by the Liver. Study done by CDC of Cardiolipin on lab mice showed that they more agile and alert and healthy than the counter parts without the cardiolipin supplement. They did not look into its nuerological benefits and cardiac benefits.

Cardiolipin may be used in anti-aging therapy in the future. As a cell that has a good supply of ATP will less likely degenerate to a point where the apoptosis gene/mechanism will be triggered. The life span of cells in the body are increased, which will lead to overall youthfullness and health. The time it will take for Cardio-lipin focussed treatment to come in the main stream will be another ten years. But for now, the medical society should acknowledge that Cardio-lipin has a important future role in IHD and Parkinsons disease.

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