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 Bone Disorders  repair    updated 12/12/12

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Bone Disorders and Their treatment


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Many joint problems are fixed without  surgery,  see the arthritis herb link and stem cells from urine treatment can help. Magnetic stimulation is a quick nonsurgical technique to help you. Just external repair which can be done at your home. This page is to teach our technique for people anywhere in the world. Enjoy and pray for us.

FDA has approved magnetic treatments, we have seen magnetic application reverse bone injury within fifteen minutes of treatment these cases have been detailed in our Lahore Clinic page. Another instrument that can do this is the electronic zapper. Massage treatments also help repair bone quickly.

Bone Disorders
There are many bone disorders that require clinical care by a physician or other healthcare professional. Listed in the directory below are some, for which we have provided a brief overview.

There are some natural ways to help improve the bones. number one is by magnetic stimulation and number two is by clay healing. There are many more but lets focus on these two.


A man came to us with a swollen hand and a fracture we used magnetic stimulation to help fix his hand, and after 15 minutes of magnetic stimulation the hand was fixed, no swelling, full motion and full use of hand. So here is a very simple way to fix injuries and can be used in sports.

The second quick way to fix fractures and broken vertebrae is by applying clay on them. With the application of clay you will have full recovery of bone and natural function will return even if the vertebra or bone is disintegrated. You have to do this daily wrap in dressing.

If you cannot find the information in which you are interested, please search the Bone Disorders Online Resources above for the answer . This is a special search by Google will display results on this page and just click the x mark to close them.

Brocolli in foods is packed with calcium and intake should be increased. Vitamin-D is the most important thing to increase bone mass.

Bone repair