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~ July 2020 No.1 ~

Peripheral Neuropathy Fact Sheet

Prognosis The course of a neuropathy varies widely based on the etiology. With trauma or ischemia, the onset is acute, with maximum symptoms at onset. Inflammatory and some metabolic neuropathies have a subacute course extending over days to weeks. A more chronic course over weeks to months is the hallmark of most toxic and metabolic neuropathies. The very slowly progressive neuropathy over many years is the usual pattern of hereditary neuropathies or of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.

A) Normal B) Axonal neuropathy C) Demyelinating neuropathy

What is it?

Neuropathic means that your neural-system is damaged, and the condition comes in one or all of three forms, depending on which type of nerves have been damaged:

Not all sufferers of neuropathy have all three types of nerve damage. If only one type is damaged, the condition is called mononeuropathy; polyneuropathy usually means more than two nerve groups affected rather than a combination of sensory, autonomic and motor.

How Do You Get It?

B vitamins are essential, B1, B12, B6 and folate especially. However, in most cases the lack of vitamin B1 is not caused by eating too little. Vitamin B1 is broken down very quickly by alcohol, and drinking two bottles of wine or about eight bottles of beer a day for a few years willd o the trick. The onset of peripheral neuropathy is often insidious, although stopping drinking does usually help. Takeing vitamins especially D the B-1,B12, B6 should help quickly.

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