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  Natural Makeup
  Cancer & Lipstick
  Magic cleaner
  Mercury in makeup
  Toxic Lipstick
 Hair chemicals
  Toxic Baby products
  Toxic calcium
  Chemicals in soap
 Kitchen toxins
  Sesame Seed Oil
  Oil pulling
 Bras cause breast cancer
Skin repair Clinic
 Nail Fungus
 Toxic Lipstick

Silver Colloid





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Short term Amnesia or memory loss

Aids Vaccine alert

Cancers trigger a autoimmune response. Autoimmune plasma kills cancer cells.

 Food Dangers

Listen to the heavenly Voice

Iodine deficiency in USA

 Common cause of BP

 Heart disease in ageing

 Chemicals  in clothing & infertility

 SiDs &  vitamin-C

Cheap anticholestrol drug

    MSG Linkedto Obesity  

    New Fruit Viagra  

   New rheumatic drugs -Beware

   California sues Fried chips maker

 Low iron foods better for infants     

   Melamine in your food

Fighting with spouse gets good results!

    Vaccination & autism

    Mass vaccination dangers

Regular sex reduces blood pressure,

Want more sex   Infant fortified food & IQ loss

 Boy or Girl   Autism & Mercury

Chewing gum triggered weight loss

D-deficiency & Disease 

 Parents rejecting dangerous vaccine 

Botox causes deaths also in children

Babies & Hospital Chemicals

Agriculture chemicals and birth defects

End Milk Allergy  Melamine in Infants formula (alert)

BPA in infant bottles a concern

Mercury in Tuna Beware  Tanning beds unsafe

Pets vaccination & disease

Spinal Injury help   Heimlich maneuver

os  sunshine bitter almonds immunomodulation

Women heart disease facts        
sos  sunshine bitter almonds immunomodulation

NanotechNanoprotocol Tonsli removal and cidp

Milk Thistle MicrowaveLimbicMeningitis Magneticmap MalariaNephropathy

why women get married